Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just A Fondant Weekend!

Sherry Slaughter called me a few weeks ago and asked me to make a cake for her daughter's birthday. She asked me if I could make Fondant flowers, butterflies, etc. My answer was YES! She had a specific picture that she e-mailed me and wanted me to fix it just like it.'s the finished product! Her daughter's favorite flavor is Chocolate. Special Chocolate Cake is a quick fix!
The Fondant Butterflies and Dogwood Blooms are beautiful!
Shondra Elliott asked me to make 4 dzn. Cupcakes for a very special Baby Shower. She asked me to make my Homemade Classic White Cake with Buttercream Filling inside as well as Buttercream Icing. She wanted Fondant Butterflies as well. How precious.....
Carly Pack was celebrating her Birthday and wanted to have an "Over The Top" cake. I made her my Homemade Yellow Cake which is her favorite! Sally had e-mailed me a specific picture and here it is.....Zebra Fondant as well!

I was asked to make a darling Baby Shower Tea for our Special Friends New Grand-daughter. Bennie and Vanessa Cannon are so proud of their new addition. I made her cake as a Classic White with Buttercream Icing with some darling Fondant Butterflies as well.
The butterflies look like they are about to take off flying!

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Patty's Stitches said...

How pretty! That fondant looks like it would be time consuming. But it sure makes a pretty cake!