Sunday, August 31, 2008

Prayers and Cookies and Cookies and Prayers

As you may know, my family are members at Westwood Church of Christ. They have a wonderful program headed up by Beth Deason. It's called "Prayer Warriors". Each child that is in school, weather it be pre-school to college, no one is excluded is prayed for all year. Each child has a questionaire about them and where they attend school. You add a picture of your child and then, someone will choose a child and they are their "Prayer Warrior". This year we chose Sumner Hildreth and Kristy Navarette. Sumner is in the 10th grade at WCHS and Kristy is in the 3rd grade at West Elementary.

I know that Sumner is a HUGE UT fan along with her boyfriend Cody. So...I thought she would love these darling star cookies with her initial on them.

Kristy is the sweetest little one I have ever seen. She is like my daughter's shadow. So...I thought since tomorrow is the last big "Whoo Rah" of Summer (Labor Day) and autumn coming near, I thought she might need some pumpkin cookies with orange sprinkles!

My daughter Katie's Prayer Warrior is The Gribble Family. Hannah gave Katie the sweetest gift today and a sweet card. She gave her a darling choker necklace with ballet slippers and a charm bracelet with pointe shoes on them. Katie was thrilled! She begins pointe in ballet in just a couple of weeks and can't wait to get fitted in her own pointe shoes!


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